Remember the Name: Carly Rose Sonenclar

When this contestant walked on stage and announced what she was going to sing, the judges dismissed her choice, asking her if she had practiced. Their body language clearly showed that they thought she was going to be a waste of time. HA! Carly may only be 13-years old, but her voice completely filled that […]

Can of Worms
Little Old Lady

Can of Worms

  A minister decided that a visual demonstration would add emphasis to his Sunday sermon.  Four worms were placed into four separate jars.  The first worm was put into a container of alcohol. The second worm was put into a container of cigarette smoke. The third worm was put into a container of chocolate syrup. The […]


The Sandpiper

She was six years old when I first met her on the beach near where I live. I drive to this beach, a distance of three or four miles, whenever the world begins to close in on me. She was building a sand castle or something and looked up, her eyes as blue as the […]


The Sacred Dimension of Romance

What is the role of our spiritual journey in our romantic lives, and what is the role of our romantic journey in our spiritual lives? On a certain level, relationships, the deepest kind of intimate love, hold the world together.  The deepest type of love has always been at the center of family. Where families flourish, […]

Ring Removal That Doesn’t Destroy The Ring

Ever injure a finger while wearing a ring? The swelling of the injury can cause the ring to become painfully tight. What to do? How to get it off? Rather than racing off to the emergency room or fire department, keep a length of a stretchy tie, such as that shown in the video, and […]


Why People Don’t Heal

I am trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern, but my passion has always been the field of addiction.  I actually didn’t pick my profession as much as I fell into it. When I became aware that my 20+ year marriage was unraveling,  I set  out to finish my Bachelors Degree so I would […]