Hello 2018!

When I make New Year Resolutions, I keep them. I rationalize making these resolutions by telling myself  I’ll quit doing whatever, for a year, not forever. I guess I haven’t caught on yet that going a year without something, kinda makes the changes permanent.  *wink*  I quit drinking soda, seven or eight years ago, by eliminating buying soda out of the machine at work, which turned into not buying soda anywhere. I became a vegan by randomly practicing veganism. I gradually eliminated animal based foods from my life, which then, ultimately, became a New Years Resolution. Wallah! A New lifestyle was born. This year, for my physical well-being, I’m totally  eliminating artificial sweeteners, replacing them with natural stevia, and incorporating foods and spices, that reduce inflammation, into my daily diet. I read an article by Seamus Mullen who, in addition to being quite a handsome and jolly looking Chef, revealed how he significantly reduced his symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis by changing the foods he ate.  I just ordered his book: Hero Foods, in which he explains how certain natural foods and spices reduce inflamation, along with recipes on how to make them tasty. While he isn’t a Vegan, he does state that plant based foods should be the bulk of the meal, and meat should be a purportionally smaller side dish. I figured I could “veganize” his recipes. I ordered it from a website called Thrift books. They have an app in the Playstore that you can add to your collection, but here is a link to their website THRIFT BOOKS, and,  if you are interested, you can read Seamus’ article, in it’s entirety, here.
I am also committing to writing  in my 5 minute journal. There is an actual 5 minute physical journal, with formatted prompts, which you can review and purchase here, but I prefer using the digital version that I downloaded from the play store, because you can incorporate pictures into your journal entries. How cool is that!

  1. Whether you make New Year Resolutions, or strive to be the best humans possible on a day to day basis, may 2018 be the year you find your bliss. 


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