Ring Removal That Doesn’t Destroy The Ring

Ever injure a finger while wearing a ring? The swelling of the injury can cause the ring to become painfully tight.

What to do?

How to get it off?

Rather than racing off to the emergency room or fire department, keep a length of a stretchy tie, such as that shown in the video, and remove the ring yourself, at home, without destroying the ring (or your finger) during the process, and without incurring Emergency Room bills!

Check this out!

This next video is some poor woman’s first hand experience in trying to get a stainless steel ring removed.

It didn’t look like they used a stretchy material in the second one and it appeared to be a more painful removal than in the first video.

I don’t know about you, but I am going to pick up an oxygen mask at the medical supply store and throw it in my first aid kit, just in case I need to remove a ring from someone’s finger.

Lotus Photo Credit