Entering Into The Quiet That’s Already There.

Sometimes we make meditation a bigger chore than it needs to be. Meditation is not about having the right clothes, the right environment, or sitting in a certain way, with your fingers held just so. People put off meditating because they don’t have half an hour, all in one sitting, to devote to sitting silently. […]


What If…

“What if our religion was each other If our practice was our life If prayer, our words What if the temple was the Earth If forests were our church If holy water—the rivers, lakes, and ocean What if meditation was our relationships If the teacher was life If wisdom was self-knowledge If love was the […]

Meditation Image

The Fire of Grief

Welcome to my guest blogger, Becca Deysach, M.S. , creator of the website: Cultivate Clarity. I think that you will love this post titled, Take a Punch: A mindfulness Practice. The essay, written by her student, Blake Abramovitz, was his submission for the class assignment: Writing the Wild.  His raw, gritty piece, complete with F-Bombs, reveals him […]