The Supreme Nurturer Mala


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Generally, jasper is considered to be the ‘supreme nurturer’ stone. It helps its wearer through tough times and brings tranquility and feelings of well-being to those who wear it for its power. It is also a stone of protection and is able to absorb negative energy. Physically, jasper is said to re-energize the body and alleviate symptoms of prolonged illness. It is specifically used for relieving stomach pains, pancreatic disorders, sciatica and foot problems, such as troubled toenails. It is thought to be a good stone for the libido and many wear it for its ability to prolong pleasure.

Metaphysical Properties

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The Supreme Nurturer Mala

6mm Red Spot Jasper and Rose Quartz natural semi precious stone beads, hot pink Magnesite skulls and Buddha. Each Mala consists of 108 beads, is strung on natural silk bead cord, and hand-knotted.


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