Balance & Healthy Pregnancies


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Emotional Properties: powerful healer of emotional wounds, balances our emotions which releases our blockages, aligns our emotions with the spiritual forces and gently bringing unconscious actions to our consciousness, keeps the peace within large groups of people, helps us live in the present

Physical Properties: benefits the reproductive system, healthy pregnancies and healthy development of unborn babies, communication with the baby while in utero, enhances weight gain, especially in the areas when you chose to manifest them, goes past our physical symptoms to dig deep to find the underlying physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual reasons causing our dis-ease(s), promotes skin tissue and hair growth, helps us gain our health and strength and recuperate from any major illness, benefits those suffering from chronic illness

Spiritual Properties: Placed on the 3rd eye, it provides powerful visions from the celestial realm, opens us up to spiritual growth and psychic visions, provides grounding, especially after meditations, astral journeying or any kind of intuitive work, great for re-birthing, a process that helps us deal with the events of our past which have caused blockages in our chakras and meridians.

Metaphysical Properties

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Balance & Healthy Pregnancies

8mm, faceted, Unakite and Pink Agate natural semi precious stone beads, coral Magnesite skulls and Buddha, and a pale Yellow Jade heart. Each Mala consists of 108 beads, is strung on natural silk bead cord, and hand-knotted.


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