When 1+1=L


Every once in a while, life doesn’t turn out the way we expect it should. What I’ve learned, after being a citizen of this planet for so long, is that sometimes things turn out better.

I believe that the Universe does things for us rather than too us.  Sometimes, not getting “good enough” sets us up to get “great.”

The next time life seems to be sending you a curve ball, try looking at things from the perspective of how the Universe is setting things up for your ultimate good rather than why the Universe is denying you what you need, and you may find that this opens you up to see opportunities that you had not dreamed possible.

I have discovered, over time, that we often dream much smaller dreams than those that could become realities.

So, when faced with what seems to be a disappointing “No,” summon up your inner Bette Davis and follow her advice by clicking here.

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