It’s All A Matter Of Perception


I like to keep this quote in mind when working with Clients.

Clients come in with all degrees of guilt and shame over choices they have made. If I can help reframe their negative self-talk so that they don’t see their wounds as disasters in their soul, it opens up a crack their hearts, and their minds, to be filled with coping skills and psycho education, infusing them with courage, strength and hope that there is a better life in the wings.

May we all find, and be, such love and support for others.


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One thought on “It’s All A Matter Of Perception

  1. Reframing situations in a positive light helps so much. When our parents used to kiss our wounds and stroke our heads when we were little, they were doing just that. We would run off again to play with dragons and dolls and face the world fearlessly, once more

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