We have evolved into a fast-paced society. Have a head-ache: take a pill; Hungry:get fast-food; out of style: upgrade-everything faster, faster, faster. Sometimes, if we are not careful, these attitudes can affect our relationships. Media sells us perfection, and, being human, we often fall short. Marriages that endure, have partners that commit to stay put. They share a common goal of working through disagreements -through rough times-because they share the belief: together, we are better than we are apart. Meeting challenges, and overcoming obstacles together, is the mortar that sustains strong unions. One of the most loving things you can promise your partner is the promise to allow them space to be less than perfect; space to grow and learn through trial and error; time to figure things out, without fear of being abandoned for not measuring up. Eliminating the ultimatum of divorce, and commiting to stay as long as everyone is trying, creats a rich history with your partner, that cutting your losses and running never provides.


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