Letter To My Younger Self

What letter would you have written to your younger self if you had the power to reach back in time from the future? What reassurances would you share with your younger self?

I would have written:

Dear Younger Abby: Younger Self Post

Thank you for having the courage to follow your dreams rather than the crowd. Some day you will appreciate having had the courage to be different. I know your path has been difficult, but you will come to understand why you needed those experiences to bring hope to those experiencing dark nights of the soul. Forever keep your inner Pollyanna, for it is the light that will illuminate the paths of those who have not yet seen that life can be a glorious, creative, and loving adventure. Live a life of gratitude, because opportunities abound for those who live their lives with a thankful heart.

With love,

Future Abby

What would your younger self write to you?

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