Entering Into The Quiet That’s Already There.


Sometimes we make meditation a bigger chore than it needs to be.

Meditation is not about having the right clothes, the right environment, or sitting in a certain way, with your fingers held just so.

People put off meditating because they don’t have half an hour, all in one sitting, to devote to sitting silently.


Pick five minutes, anywhere you can sit, with your eves closed.

• Start with 3 deep breaths.
• Settle into a natural rhythm of the breath, knowing throughout the practice that you will hear sounds inside the room, and sounds outside the room. These are not distractions, these are not disruptions, simply just what’s happening around you as you sit and breathe.
• Breathe in, follow the breath in, breathe out, follow the breath out.
• Begin to notice the mind as it wanders, jumping from thought to thought.
• Gently guide the attention and focus to the stomach or the chest. As you breathe in, feel them rise; breathing out, feel them fall.
• Simply continue this practice, observing the sensation of the the breath.
• When you are ready, slowly bring your attention back to your surroundings, slowly becoming more and more alert until you slowly open your eyes.

You will be amazed at how calm and refreshed you feel after just five minutes of meditation.

The Meditation Initative

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