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This evening, as the world is poised to celebrate Easter, lets serve love. The trappings of wealth and personal possessions pale in comparison to any love shared. Cars grow old, money can be devalued in the blink of an eye, but the richness of heart felt love is limitless. So light a candle, and say a prayer of thankfulness –for the love that connects you to those you have cherished that have passed on, and for the people you can hold in your arms today. Love. Just love. Love with every beat of your heart, and with every breath that you take. Love.

The following excerpt derived from Science of the Mind Magazine, Daily Guide, April 15, 2014

I lit a candle for you. I wanted you to feel its warmth, see its glow, and love its rhythm. I wanted you to have it for those moments when it’s hard to see, when dreams fade, and when the night is too dark. I wanted you to have it because everyone needs a candle that has been lit with kindness and compassion. Everyone needs to see the flame of love and light. Everyone needs this more than they need a lot of the things they think they need.

Do everything with love. Love by itself does nothing. Love is a fire in the soul. it is fuel for the living. Love is the unseen master that bathes a kiss and consummates a smile. It is the sparkle in your eyes and the rhythm of your heart. Every thought is a tool designed for serving love. Every fiber of your body lives to serve love. Love’s fire thrives with every loving action. Do not wait for love to build a bridge, end a war, or feed a hungry child. Your course of action, bathed in love, can do all of this and more. If you think you are here to serve another master, you are mistaken. Don’t allow your heart and eyes to close themselves to love. Love’s fire has not gone out; it will always burn. open your eyes and trust your heart. You are love’s beloved servant.


Science of the Mind Magazine

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