Kid Genius Wows MIT And The World

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What we focus our intention on, expands. Unfortunately the daily news makes sure we hear the most horrific of events, and the fear that these stories elicit has the effect of becoming our focus. I believe that we would be better served to focus our intentions on speaking favor on the young people of today that are rising about their situations in life to do remarkable things.

Kelvin Doe is one such individual.  Kelvin, now about 17-years of age, is an engineering kid-genius, living in Sierra Leone.  When he was 11-years of age, Kelvin was teaching himself electronics. At 13-years of age, he was using spare parts that he found in the trash, to build batteries, and generators to ultimately create a radio station. Kelvin knew that a radio station would unite and empower the people of his community, and he broadcasts music and news daily, as DJ Focus.

MIT heard of him and Kelvin became the youngest person in history to be invited to the “Visiting Practitioner’s Program” at MIT.

Kelvin gives me hope for the next generation, and I am sure there are many more amazing kids like him.  It is my hope that we, as a society, will focus our intention on these remarkable young people, and in doing so, encourage expansion for good in the world.

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