Events happen to us every day. They are simply events. We assign the power, the meaning, and the emotion to these events as we experience them. We can choose to experience a tragedy, or an adventure.  Be mindful about what meaning and emotions you are choosing to assign to what is occuring. The power that […]

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The Fire of Grief

Welcome to my guest blogger, Becca Deysach, M.S. , creator of the website: Cultivate Clarity. I think that you will love this post titled, Take a Punch: A mindfulness Practice. The essay, written by her student, Blake Abramovitz, was his submission for the class assignment: Writing the Wild.  His raw, gritty piece, complete with F-Bombs, reveals him […]


Monday’s Mindfull Moment Mantra

Welcome to my guest blogger, Katie Chase.  Her website is called Total Zen.  (Click on the link to check out her page!) Thanks Katie. You made my Monday!   Let us all take a moment (or 20) to sit quietly and calmly to bring peace to our minds. Maybe a couple extra minutes since it’s Monday.  […]

Aware, Awake, Alive

I Am Awake

Namaste The God/Goddess Spirit within me recognizes and honors the God/Goddess Spirit within you.  Namaste is significant because it is a humbling gesture. Namaste is done as a recognition that we are all on equal standings, all of us are children of divinity. We Are One *Blocked for Mobile viewing* I Am Wide Awake   Excerpt: […]

Lights, Camera, Action!

I had the pleasure of working with Walter Davis on the Public Access television program: Progress in San Diego. Walter taught me to run a studio camera, work the sound board, put up titles, and ultimately direct the show. It was a wonderful experience. Click on the link below to see the rare occasion when […]

A Tiny Change Today Brings a Dramatically Different Tomorrow.

“Your whole body, from wingtip to wingtip,” Jonathan would say, other times, “is nothing more than your thought itself, in a form you can see. Break the chains of your thought, and you break the chains of your body, too.”~Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull Jonathan Livingston Seagull Lotus Photo Credit  


The Path Up The Mountain of Wisdom

The Path Up The Mountain of Wisdom ~ by Joe Flowers A young man seeking wisdom traveled far in his search, and one day he came to a Guru seated at the base of a mountain, and said, “I have been told by many and sundry that you know the path up the Mountain of Wisdom. […]