I Am Woman, Hear Me ROAR!

I am a firm believer in feeding my car gas and an occasional quart of oil, but sometimes it selfishly demands more attention, like now. Apparently it wants a left low beam light bulb, and it is holding its electrical breath until it gets a new one.

So, armed with my owner’s manual, and following the advice of my friend Michael, I headed over to my friendly neighborhood Auto Zone Store to buy new bulbs.


Rather than having to make any kind of decisions regarding what kind of bulbs to buy, I popped the hood–gee that slang kind of makes me sound like Auto Abby–and I disengaged the old burned out bulb to take into the store with me.  After all, that model of bulb had worked well for years, so why rock the fancy-smancy boat with something brighter or more high-tech?


This is what the bulb looks like when it’s attached to the assembly.

I removed it by pushing it in and rotating so that it pops out of the assembly.


The hardest part was lifting the little plastic clip so that I could remove the bulb from the line. The picture below shows what it looks like when it’s disconnected.


You can see the little plastic clip in the picture below.


They recommend that you change the bulb in both of the headlights; in my case both of the low beam bulbs, so that they are the same brightness. Remarkably, they sell them in a two-pack, which is cheaper than buying them individually.


Here’s the proof that I really am “Auto Abby.”  They both work!!!

If you are young, you probably don’t understand the title of this blog.

In 1975, Helen Reddy became quite famous for the song, “I Am Woman.  Click here to hear it.

If you don’t know who Helen Reddy is, click here.

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Ne-Yo Ms. Independence

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