Should Leggings Be Given The Boot?


Middle school aged girls, in Evanston Illinois,  are picketing for the right to wear Leggings or yoga pants to school.  Apparently, middle school aged boys are finding these articles of clothing  too distracting.


I doubt that the middle school boys themselves came to that conclusion. If they were finding the leggings or yoga pants on their female counterparts too distracting, they would have taken that information to the grave rather than say anything that would result in a ban on the distraction.

Middle school boys may be young but they are not stupid.

As a woman, my brain is reading some messages between the lines in this story.  Scary messages like:

  • Women should cover up their sexuality.
  • Women are responsible for men being unable to control themselves.
  • Women are responsible for being raped because of the clothes they wear.

Why is it deemed that women are EVER responsible for anything that men think or do? If we actually had that kind of power, we would change the way men think so that there would be no rapes or war. Duh….

Who is to blame for these young men sexually objectifiying these young women?  Is this not a direct result of society sexualizing 13-year-old runway models or advertizing agency’s using sex to sell everything from cars to hamburgers?  Think not?  Let me refresh your memory with  Paris Hilton’s commercial for Carl’s Jr., and Kate Upton’s commercial for The Southwest Patty Melt, also sold by Carl’s Jr.

Isn’t society sending mixed messages by saying that  leggings and yoga pants must be banned, yet these commercials aired on public television?

Do as we say, not as we do?

Shouldn’t the young women in Evanston be allowed to be more concerned about learning Algebra and Geometry rather than having to defend themselves from sexual objectification?

Lets begin curing some of the ills of our society by teaching these young gentlemen in Evanston how to properly view women. Lets teach them about the evils of sexual harassment, and the dangers of creating a hostile learning environment.

And, while we’re at it, how about society cleaning up its own act, so that future generations of young people won’t have all these inappropriate sexual messages modeled by the people that they look up to, who should know better?

Check the story out for yourself here, and here. 

This was my opinion. What’s yours?  Leave me a comment.


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