The Fire of Grief

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Welcome to my guest blogger, Becca Deysach, M.S. , creator of the website: Cultivate Clarity. I think that you will love this post titled, Take a Punch: A mindfulness Practice. The essay, written by her student, Blake Abramovitz, was his submission for the class assignment: Writing the Wild.  His raw, gritty piece, complete with F-Bombs, reveals him to be an absolutely wonderful and totally engaging writer.  Thank-you Becca, for sharing his essay with us, and for encouraging writers through your work at  Prescott College!

The Fire of Grief

by Blake Abramovitz

Not just that she had gone, which would have been plenty bad in and of itself, but on top of this unthinkably bad thing, this unbearably, screamingly bad event, I was also facing a host of other fuckeries, namely, I was out of money.

 I was out of money in a big way.  Some people say they’re broke when they’re needing to liquidate certain assets and sell one of their summer cabins.  That’s different from what I’m talking about.  I’m talking about the kind of broke where you don’t have enough to eat.  Continue reading here…

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