I Am Awake


The God/Goddess Spirit within me recognizes and honors the God/Goddess Spirit within you.  Namaste is significant because it is a humbling gesture. Namaste is done as a recognition that we are all on equal standings, all of us are children of divinity.

We Are One *Blocked for Mobile viewing*

I Am Wide Awake


Aware, Awake, Alive


Let’s be very clear, however, that you cannot take a pill or use some other external remedy to achieve this optimal state of well-being. Someone else cannot do it for you or give it to you. You need to do it for yourself, and you need to want it. You need to want it with your whole being. You need to feel within you the deep longing for a larger life that reaches beyond the bounds of what is now known to you. Desire it as intensely as you would a lover.

As I could slowly see the glimmer of the gem of human flourishing I knew it was possible for everyone. And I also knew it was time to come home to my own culture, as a physician, and do what I could to help others see the truth, goodness, and beauty of life, much as I had been helped to see it for myself. I knew it was time to practice medicine again, but this time, an inner and outer whole medicine.

Aware, Awake, Alive

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