Changing How You View Stress Could Save Your Life!

stress 2Stress. The buzz word that everyone is either trying to avoid having, coping with, suffering from, quitting jobs over, or using to explain away their impatient, irritable , nasty behavior.  People blame our fast-paced lifestyle for causing stress; a lifestyle described as being in the fast lane: keep running or fall and become trampled.

Stress is big business.

  • People seek mental health counseling because of being too stressed out.
  • Doctors treat patients who are experiencing health issues attributed to long-term stress.
  • Dentists treat patients who clench or grind their teeth; a maladaptive response to stress.
  • Priests and Pastors counsel people in their congregations about issues stemming from people’s fear of and inability to cope with stress.
  • Countless books have been written to scare you about having stress and then instructing you how to eliminate stress from your life.

saber tooth tiger and cavemanStress is nothing new. I can’t imagine that cavemen did NOT experience stress when happening upon  Sabertooth tigers, interested in a chomping on a little caveman leg for breakfast.

But……..What if we have been completely wrong about how we view stress? What if our perception of stress is what makes stress a killer? 

See if  this Ted Talk, by Kelly McGonigal, doesn’t change your perception of stress!

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