Laundry Day Never Smelled So Good!

1017331_10202747601429476_79108466_aLaundry day is usually, well….. whatever …….but I’m enjoying the process so much more now that I have been using Zum Laundry Soap, by Indigo Wild.  My favorite scent is their Frankincense and Myrrh, and now, my clothes are infused with the scent! The ingredients leave my clothes feeling soft too.

I like the fact that Indigo Wild uses all natural ingredients that are not harmful to humans or the environment. Check out the ingredient list for their products for yourself.

Take a virtual tour of their factory.

Here is a video interview with the president and founder of Zum.

I seriously can’t rave enough about their products. They are good for your skin, good on the environment, and they smell absolutely…..wait for it……. Marvelous Dahling!

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